Kespar Welding

Welding and reclamation of Forging Dies

Our Forging Die welding and reclamation service has grown rapidly as the cost of new dies has increased in line with the current global prices of die steels.



Worn impressions are cleaned out to reveal base material. Following a detailed inspection the impression is weld filled with an enhanced quality welding material.

Precision machining completes the process.

A guide to the commonly used welding consumables


A gas-shielded flux-cored welding wire designed for the repair of forging plant including die dovetail repair. Suitable for rebuilding hot forging hammer die impressions susceptible to cracking or where machining capabilities are limited. More Information...


A gas-shielded flux-cored welding wire designed for the reclamation of hot
forging dies: including: connecting rods, crankshafts, axle beams,
suspension components. More Information...


Superior wire for overlaying a whole range of tool and die applications where general hard surfacing is
required to give > 50HRc. FW52 has primarily been developed along the lines of the popular H13 Type
wires for the repair and rebuilding of hot working tool and dies.
FW52 structure has been developed to give a smoother deposit and a better wear
performance than H13.
The alloy deposit ensures air hardening characteristics coupled with excellent toughness and abrasion
resistance at particularly high temperatures. More Information...

FW E530

Superior specially designed high strength colbalt-iron-chromium type electrode for the tool and die industry. FWE530 is designed to combat all four elements of wear, i.e., heat, impact, corrosion, and abrasion.Overlaying of extensive areas can be achieved without cracking. Excellent for rebuilding form edges and corners with minimum base metal dilution. Will retain hardness at elevated temperatures, the welds are machineable and will work harden under impact.High resistance to cracking, wear, heat, impact and corrosion, makes this an excellent product for use on shear blades, clipping tools and forging punches. More Information...