Kespar celebrate twenty years growth within the Forging Industry

Kespar Engineering Limited celebrates the 20th anniversary of the company’s formation during July 2013. During these twenty years significant changes and challenges have been faced within the UK Forging Industry

The production of forged components using presses or drop hammers and the like require high integrity tooling to achieve extended die and tooling life, essential to forge components of high levels of accuracy.

In the past tooling blocks were machined and new die impressions formed.  Such dies were reduced in size and weight and subsequent forging operations were inconsistent.

Kespar Engineering designed and developed new numerically controlled high deposition layer welding machines to enable reclamation of existing forging dies also enabling the die impression to be of a higher quality than the parent block.

Kespar Engineering are market leaders with respect to the introduction of multiple cad cam based machining centre’s for the machining of welded dies and the production of new forging dies.

The directors and employees wish to thank all customers and suppliers for their continued support.